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Templates for Schools

Compliance Framework of Documents for Schools

We've designed a compliance framework to help you meet the requirements of the new Data Protection Law. Step-by-step activities are supported by a comprehensive set of templates and forms which includes:

Roles & Responsibilities:

Evidence how those in positions of responsibility for Data Protection understand their roles. These comprehensive role profiles and terms of reference are designed to clearly show how role-holders undertake their additional Data Protection duties 

Reporting & Reviewing:

Present your leaders with comprehensive data about how well Data Protection is managed within the school in order to help them make informed decisions on improvement. Clearly establish your annual review activities to stay compliant.

Policies & Procedures:

Our range of tailored Information Governance policies provide clear and concise rules about how employees should handle personal data, supported by comprehensive step-by-step procedures and ready-made forms.

Sharing with Suppliers & Partners

Make sure you have the right controls in place over your Data Processors. Evidence that their commitments to you on data handling will cover you if something goes wrong. Share data with other Data Controllers with comprehensive agreements which assure your customers.

Statutory Requests for Information

Respond accurately to requests for school data, whether under Data Protection law or Freedom of Information/ Environmental Information law, using standard text fulfilling your legal obligations to explain your decisions

Risk Management

Identify, quantify and manage your data risk. When you need to complete a statutory impact assessment about your processing, use our form to help you consider whether your proposals are legally compliant

Records of Processing

Create a comprehensive overview of the personal data you process and how you manage it within the law. Evidence to the regulator that you understand your data and you control it effectively.

Buying a License

The framework is licensed to individual schools. To purchase a license for your school/ consortium/ Trust, please contact us at

We would also be interested to hear from Local Education Authorities who wish to include the use of the Framework alongside as part of their general support to their schools